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Western Alliance Challenge Series

1985 Season

FC Portland - San Jose Earthquakes - Seattle Storm - Victoria Riptide


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F.C. Portland  

Regular Season

1-2-4, 5 pts., 4th overall 

Stadium - Civic Stadium

Manager - Clive Charles

Season Results

Date    Opponent      H/A Score   Goalscorers

6/15/85 Victoria       A   3-2

7/3/85  Seattle        H   1-6    Miller

7/10/85 Canada         H   0-0

7/13/85 San Jose       A   2-3

7/17/85 San Jose       H   2-1    Goulet(2)

7/20/85 Victoria       A   1-3    Goulet

7/31/85 Seattle        A   0-0



1985 FC Portland Season Stats

Name                  Pos GP/GS  Min  G Y/R

Ken Coplin             M

Jeff Fenske            F

Grant Gibbs            D

Ronston Haylock        F

Paul Henningsen        D

Tony Hicker            F

Dan House              M

Mike Iverzic           M

Eric Knapp             M

Tim Newton             D

Tohru Yamada           D


Goalkeepers          GP/GS  Min GA Sho GAA

Todd Strobeck









F.C. Seattle

Regular Season

3-1-3, 10 pts., 3rd overall 

Stadium - Memorial Stadium

Manager - Bruce Rioch

Season Results

Date    Opponent      H/A Score   Goalscorers

7/2/95  Portland       A   6-1    Raney (3), Fuegman, B.Schmetzer

7/7/85  San Jose       H   3-1    Connors (2), A.Schmetzer

7/13/85 Victoria       A   2-4    Raney, B.Schmetzer

7/27/84 Canada         H   2-4    Gunnell,Raney

7/31/95 Portland       H   0-0

8/2/85  San Jose       A   0-1

8/9/85  Victoria       A   3-0    Raney, Oak, B. Schmetzer

Other Results

6/2/85  Dundee         H   0-1

6/8/85  Santos         H   2-1    B.Schmetzer (2)

6/16/85 Chivas         H   2-3    A.Schmetzer, Zipp

6/23/85 United States  H   2-3    B.Schmetzer, A.Schmetzer

6/30/85 Portland       H   0-2

7/14/85 Canada         H   3-2    W.Schmetzer(2),Gunnell


1985 Seattle Storm Season Stats

Name                  Pos GP/GS  Min  G Y/R

Tom Blahous            F

Sean Connors           F

Jeff Durgan            D

Steve Englebrick       D

Don Farler             D

Peter Fewing           D

Ken Fuegman            M

Dennis Gunnell         M

Mike Hiatt             F

Gerald McGlynn         F

Dan Pingrey            D

Bruce Raney            F

Andy Schmetzer         M

Brian Schmetzer        M

Walter Schmetzer       F

Robby Zipp             D


Goalkeepers          GP/GS  Min GA Sho GAA

Marl Schuur

San Jose Earthquakes

Regular Season

4-1-2, 13 pts., 1st overall 

Stadium - Spartan Stadium

Manager - Laurie Calloway

Season Results

Date    Opponent      H/A Score   Goalscorers

7/6/85  Victoria       A   1-0

7/7/85  Seattle        A   1-3    Dangerfield

7/13/85 Portland       H   3-2

7/17/85 Portland       A   1-2    Tran

7/20/85 Canada         H   1-1    Sanderson

8/2/85  Seattle        H   1-0    Morales

8/17/85 Victoria       H   2-1    Hamel,Dangerfield


1985 San Jose Earthquakes Season Stats

Name                  Pos GP/GS  Min  G Y/R

Mark Arya              M

Billy Crook            D

Chris Dangerfield      M

Fred Hamel             M

Jorge Ilbanez          F

Germain Iglesias       M

Chris McCargo          D

Mark Nickeas           D

Jesus Perez            F

Jose Ramos             F

Dev Rendler            D

Dan Salvemimi          M

Derek Sanderson        F

Tim Schultz            M

Joe Siveria            D

Mike Simon             M

Dzung Tran             F

Frank Van Den

Brand Hornige          F


Goalkeepers          GP/GS  Min GA Sho GAA

Bob Rigby

Hunter Stern



Victoria Riptides

Regular Season

3-1-3, 10 pts., 2nd overall 

Stadium -  Royal Athletic Park  

Manager - Brian Hughes

Season Results

Date    Opponent       H/A Score   Goalscorers

6/15/85 Portland        H   3-2

7/6/85  San Jose        H   0-1

7/13/85 Seattle         H   4-2

7/20/85 Portland        H   3-1    Garraway,Kern,??

7/28/85 Canada          H   2-2

8/9/85  Seattle         A   0-3

8/17/85 San Jose        A   1-2    Garraway


1985 Victoria Riptides Season Stats

Name                  Pos GP/GS  Min  G Y/R

Ken Andres             D

Ian Baird              D

Ken Garraway           F

Nick Gilbert           F

John Hughes            D

Gregg Kern             D

John McGuire           M

John Noble             D

George Pakos           M

Buzz Parson            D

Frank Woods            M


Goalkeepers          GP/GS  Min GA Sho GAA

Grant Darley

Tobin Walker



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