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1986 Season


Edmonton Brickmen - FC Portland - Hollywood Kickers - Los Angeles Heat

San Diego Nomads - San Jose Earthquakes - Seattle Storm


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Before the season, Hollywood, Los Angeles,

San Diego, and Edmonton were added.
Seattle changed their name to Seattle Storm

                            GP   W   T   L   GF  GA  Pts
Hollywood Kickers           14   8   4   2   21  13   28

FC Portland                 14   6   2   6   20  19   20

Seattle Storm               14   6   2   6   19  22   20

Los Angeles Heat            14   4   5   5   15  14   17

San Diego Nomads            14   4   4   6   18  20   16

San Jose Earthquakes        14   3   4   7   23  32   13

Edmonton Brickmen           14   3   3   8   18  28   12

2pts for a win, 1 pt for a tie


Standings include games played against

Manchester City and Dundee FC


After the season, Edmonton left the league to

join the Canadian Soccer League

No Playoffs

1986 Leading Goalscorers

Brent Goulet, Portland              9

Chance Fry, San Jose                8

M. Miller, Portland                 8

Dennis Gunnell, Seattle             7

Rob Ryerson, San Diego              6

C. Marquez, Edmonton                5

Derek Sanderson, San Jose           5

Michael Brady, Los Angeles          5

Norm Odinga, Edmonton               5

Steve McCargo, San Jose             5


Goalkeeping Leaders                GAA

Lorenzo Caccialanza, Hollywood     0.95

Jeff Koch, Seattle                 1.13

Jeff Duback, San Diego             1.18

David Vanole, Los Angeles          1.29

Todd Strobek, Portland             1.61


1986 WSA Award Winners

Most Valuable Player:  Paul Caligiuri, San Diego Nomads


1986 WSA First XI


Home Attendance     G    Total    Avg.


Overview of the 1986 WSA Season - From the American Soccer History Archives

Last season the WSA Challenge Series was the only semi-pro soccer in the country after the demise of the USL. Buoyed by the enthusiastic response of the series, the three American clubs decided to form a full-fledged league, adding four more clubs. San Jose Earthquakes president Peter Bridgewater was named the league's first Commissioner. They expanded into California with the Hollywood Kickers, L. A. Heat and San Diego Nomads, and the successful Canadian club, Edmonton Brickmen. The season was expanded to 14 games. Like last season, foreign teams took part, with Manchester City and Dundee FC played each club once, with their games counted in the standings.

The Hollywood Kickers immediately established their presence, being the class of the league with an 8-2-4 record. With no playoffs, Hollywood won the championship based on season record. They won based on their tenacious defense, only allowing 13 goals for the season. This strategy was not lost on the opponents; although San Jose scoring a league leading 23 goals, their defense was like a sieve, and their 32 goals allowed resulted in a 3-7-4 record and sixth place finish. Making his debut was a player who would become an all-time leading WSA/ASL/APSL/A-League player, Chance Fry. Beginning his career in San Jose, he would have a long career with the Seattle Sounders in the 1990's. Another prominent WSA player was MVP Paul Caligiuri, who would spent most of the 1990's performing major feats for the US National Team.


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