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1988 Season


Albany Capitals - Boston Bolts - Ft. Lauderdale Strikers - Maryland Bays - Miami Sharks

New Jersey Eagles - Orlando Lions - Tampa Bay Rowdies - Washington Stars - Washington Diplomats


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Northern Division           GP   W   L   PK   GF  GA  Pts

New Jersey Eagles           20  15   5        39  24   45

Maryland Bays               20  12   8        32  31   36

Washington Stars            20  11   9        31  28   33

Boston Bolts                20   9  11        31  33   27

Albany Capitals             20   7  13        26  35   21


Southern Division           GP   W   L   PK   GF  GA  Pts

Ft. Lauderdale Strikers     20  14   6        46  25   42

Washington Diplomats        20  10  10        27  30   30

Tampa Bay Rowdies           20  10  10        23  21   30

Orlando Lions               20   8  12        21  31   24

Miami Sharks                20   4  16        24  42   12

3 pts for a win


First Round

8/13/88 Maryland        2-5  Ft. Lauderdale

8/14/88 Ft. Lauderdale  6-0  Maryland

Ft. Lauderdale advances on 2-0 series win


8/13/88 Washington Dips 4-1  New Jersey

8/14/88 New Jersey      1-0  Washington Dips

Series tied 1 game apiece

Washington advance on 4-1 mini-game win


ASL Championship

8/21/88 Washington Dips 3-4  Ft. Lauderdale

8/27/88 Ft. Lauderdale  3-2  Washington Dips

Ft. Lauderdale win ASL Championship 2 games to 0

1988 ASL Leading Goalscorers

Jorge Acosta, New Jersey              14

Steve Kinsley, Ft. Lauderdale         10

Mark lamb, Orlando                     8

Scott Snyder, Wash. Stars              8

Teofilo Cubillas, Ft. Lauderdale       7

Maicol Antelo, New Jersey              6

Guillermo Pizzaro, Miami               6

Leonel Suazo, Wash. Diplomats          6

Mirko Castillo, Ft. Lauderdale         5

Roger Chavez, New Jersey               5

Andy Bing, Boston                      5

M. Sweeney, Boston                     5

Kurt Manal, Boston                     5


ASL Goalkeeping Leaders                GAA

Winston DuBose, Tampa Bay              0.75

Glenn Kenney, New Jersey               1.00

Neil Cowley, Wash. Stars               1.14

Arnie Mausser, Ft. Lauderdale          1.20

Keith Lenert, Wash. Dips               1.21


1988 ASL Award Winners


1988 All-ASL Team

G - Winston DuBose, Tampa Bay Rowdies
G - Alan Rough - Orlando Lions
D - Troy Edwards, Miami Sharks
D - Brian Ainscough, New Jersey Eagles
D - Lou Karbiener, Orlando Lions
D - George Lidster, Washington Stars
D - Ross Irwin, Boston Bolts
M - Andy Harrison, Albany Capitals
M - Sonny Askew, Washington Stars
M - Rob Ryerson, Maryland
M - Dirceau Guimaraes, Miami Sharks
M - Steve Powell, Albany Capitals
M - Ray Hudson, Ft. Lauderdale Strikers
F - Steve Wegerle, Tampa Bay Rowdies
F - Elvis Comrie, Maryland Bays
F - Jorge Acosta, New Jersey Eagles
F - Joaquin Canales, Washington Diplomats
F - Teofilo Cubillas, Ft. Lauderdale Strikers

Home Attendance     G    Total    Avg.


Overview of the 1988 ASL Season - From the American Soccer History Archives

The third American Soccer League had its origins in late 1986 when former NASL executive Clive Toye began discussions with USSF regional officials and USSF Vice President Chuck Blazer regarding the launching of a new professional soccer league along the east coast. The aim was to run a professional league along prudent fiscal lines, that would be focused on American players. The league would provide a higher level of competitive play than any since the NASL, but with fiscally sound policies that would prevent the spending sprees that led to the demise of the earlier league. By May of 1987, five franchises were established, with another five coming on board late in the year. The team names hearkened back to the NASL days, with Washington Diplomats, Ft. Lauderdale Strikers and Tampa Bay Rowdies among the teams.

When the ASL began play in the spring of 1988, it had teams concentrated in the Northeast and Florida, and attracted many of the top players not already playing for the WSA and MISL. These included such national players as Peter Vermes, Tab Ramos, and Bruce Murray, as well as NASL veterans Teofilo Cubillas, Arnie Mausser, Steve Wegerle, and Ray Hudson. The league played a 20 game season, and draws were broken through penalty kicks. The scoring system was simple this year- 3 points for a win, 0 for a loss, and no bonus points. The Northern Division was won by the New Jersey Eagles, led by young striker Jorge Acosta; the team won by three games over the Maryland Bays. The Southern Division was dominated by the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers, winning by an easu four games. Their scoring arsenal included the #2 and #3 scorers, Steve Kinsey and Teofilo Cubillas, as well as Marcelo Carrera and Mirko Castillo, which gave them four of the league's best scorers. Winston DuBose, the former NASL star, was the top goalkeeper, although his Rowdies could only manage a 10-10 record. Boston Bolts were a disappointment, coming in at 9-11; more had been expected of them.

In the playoffs, Ft. Lauderdale easily swept Maryland 5-2 and 6-0, while Washington Diplomats split their two-leg series 4-1 and 0-1, and had to go to a mini-game where they exploded for four goals to defeat New Jersey 4-1. The finals were a closer series with Washington Diplomats doing what their NASL counterparts never accomplished, taking the league cup, this time on the strength of 4-3 and 3-2 victories.

Attendance was over 250,000 for the season, or about 2,500 per game. This was considered a success given the effective cost control, and the league accomplished a rare feat for an American soccer circuit: there were no franchise changes the following season. An impressive scoring feat was accomplished by Joe Mihaljevic of the Miami Sharks. In one of his first games for the Sharks, Joe scored five goals in Miami's 5-1 victory over the Washington Diplomats -- all in the last 25 minutes of the game! At the time this was the league record for most goals scored in a game, most goals in a half, and fastest goals scored back to back. It is possible that one or more of these records stand to this day, but the statistical record is incomplete, so this cannot be confirmed at present.


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