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Arizona Condors - California Emperors - Colorado Foxes - Los Angeles Heat - New Mexico Chilies - Portland Timbers -

Real Santa Barbra - Salt Lake Sting - San Diego Nomads - SF Bay Blackhawks - Seattle Storm


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North Division               GP   W   L   PK   GF  GA  Pts

San Francisco Bay Blackhawks 20  13   7  4-1   39  30  104
Salt Lake Sting              20  12   8  1-1   39  34  104
Colorado Foxes               20  14   6  4-3   22  12  100
Portland Timbers             20  10  10  2-3   42  36   99
Seattle Storm                20  10  10  1-3   42  35   93

South Division               GP   W   L   PK   GF  GA  Pts
California Emperors          20  10  10  2-3   35  32   89
Los Angeles Heat             20  11   9  3-1   39  39   87
Real Santa Barbara           20  10  10  1-3   33  35   85
San Diego Nomads             20   8  12  3-3   22  28   67
New Mexico Chilies           20   7  13  2-1   25  45   61
Arizona Condors              20   5  15  0-1   29  51   59

Win-6pts, SOW-2pts, SOL-1pt, 1 bonus point per goal scored
in regulation, maximum of 3 per game


First Round

California and San Francisco Bay receive byes

8/18/90 Los Angeles       0-1  Santa Barbra

8/20/90 Santa Barbra      1-2  Los Angeles

Series tied 1 game apiece

Los Angeles advance on 1-0 mini-game win

8/18/90 Colorado          2-0  Salt Lake

8/20/90 Salt Lake         1-4  Colroado

Colorado advance on 2-0 series win



8/25/90 California        0-2  Los Angeles

8/25/90 San Francisco Bay 2-1  Colorado


WSL Conference Championship

9/8/90  Los Angeles       2-0  San Francisco Bay

9/12/90 San Francisco Bay 1-1  Los Angeles

San Francisco Bay win on penalty kicks

Series tied 1 game apiece

San Francisco Bay win WSL Championship with 1-0 mini-game win


APSL Championship - at Boston

9/18/90  Maryland         1-1  San Francisco Bay

Maryland win APSL Championship on penalties

1990 WSL Leading Goalscorers

Chance Fry, Seattle                    17

George Pastor, Salt Lake               14

Derek Sanderson, Salt Lake             11

Jerry O'Hara, California               10

Shawn Medved, Portland                 10

Jim Hutchingson, Santa Barbra           9

Scott Benedetti, Seattle                9

Cesar Plasencia, Portland               9

Steve Corpening, San Francisco Bay      8

Rob Paterson, Portland                  8

Mark Kerlin, Arizona                    8

Les Armstrong, Arizona                  7

Peter Hattrup, Portland                 6

Danny Pena, Los Angeles                 6



WSL Goalkeeping Leaders                GAA

Mark Dodd, Colorado                   0.36

Anton Nistl, San Diego                1.05

Mile Littman, Los Angeles             1.17

Paul Parkinson, Salt Lake             1.24

Mark Dougherty, San Francisco Bay     1.24

Mark Lenert, Santa Barbra             1.32

Chris Wilson, Californiaa              1.32



1990 WSL Award Winners

Most Valuable Player:  Mark Dodd, Colorado


1990 WSL First XI

G - Mark Dodd, Colorado

D - Marcelo Balboa, San Francisco Bay

D - John Doyle, San Francisco Bay

D - Robin Fraser, Colorado

D - Danny Pena, Los Angeles

M - Dominic Kinnear, San Francisco Bay

M - Fran O'Brien, Seattle

M - George Pastor, Salt Lake

F - Chance Fry, Seattle

F - Mark Kerlin, Arizona

F - Townsend Qin, San Francisco Bay

Home Attendance     G    Total    Avg.

Salt Lake          10            5,441

New Mexico         10            4,981

Seattle            10            3,790

Portland           10            3,427

Colorado           10            3,246

San Francisco Bay  10            2,899

California         10            2,612

Arizona            10            1,858

San Diego          10            1,509

Los Angeles        10              884

Santa Barbara      10              560


Overview of the 1990 APSL Season - From the American Soccer History Archives

    The American Professional Soccer League was formed as a result of a 1989 merger agreement between the Western Soccer Alliance and the American Professional Soccer League. This merger brought together the two strongest professional outdoor leagues, and that union accomplished several important purposes: It was seen as an opportunity to return top flight soccer on a nationwide basis for the first time since the demise of the North American Soccer League, and shift the balance in favor of the outdoor sport, which had taken a back seat to indoor soccer for the latter half of the 1980's. The league also had ambitions to be designated by FIFA as the new Division 1 American league. The APSL had several advantages, among them several established clubs, some of them with years of amateur experience, as well as the bulk of the top players in the US. APSL rosters boasted many of the National Team players and reserves who were not already part of the USSF residency program. The major challenges were the fact that none of the teams was truly operating at a high level of professionalism, and the new nationwide sprawl of teams would wreak havoc with high travel expenses. To ease the transition, The former ASL and WSA played their regular seasons as separate conferences, meeting only at the end for the Championship game.


    The regular season provided some high excitement in the divisional races, as Maryland, Albany and Penn-Jersey fought a tight three way battle right into the last week of the season, with Maryland squeaking out a two point victory at season's end. The WSL featured two divisional races worth watching: In the North, the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks, Salt Lake Sting, Colorado Foxes and Portland Timbers were within five points of each other, with Salt Lake City and San Francisco tied for the crown. Meanwhile in the South, California, Los Angeles and Real Santa Barbara finished neck and neck. In the first official APSL Championship game, Maryland and San Francisco Bay mounted a memorable fight in driving rain at Boston before a national television audience, and Maryland finally pulled out a 2-1 victory on penalty kicks to crown a true national outdoor champion for the first time in more than half a decade.

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