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Who the heck are you?

My name is Chuck Nolan Jr., and I've been a soccer fan since the 1986 World Cup, and I started following the APSL/A-League/USL-1 in 1990, when I first subscribed to Soccer America. I started this website in 2004, but put it on the back burner when I started doing work on USOpenCup.com. Now I'm back working on this with renewed interest (obsession? lol).

Why did you start this website?

There is tons of history in this league that simply cannot be ignored. I'm sure a lot of younger fans don't even realize there was a post-NASL professional outdoor league around before MLS set up shop.

Why not do this for Major League Soccer, they're the top league in the U.S.?

The USL First Division is the league I followed as I grew as a soccer fan. Plus, it is currently the oldest professional soccer league in the U.S.. 2007 will be the  23rd season since the Western Alliance Challenge Series began in 1985, and the 18th since the ASL/WSL merger formed the APSL.

Why is it called the "A-League Archives", since the name of the league is the USL First Division now?

When I started the website in '04, it was still the A-League, and I don't feel like changing it! Outside of baseball, it's the only U.S. sports league I can think of that didn't have the name of the sport in it. Besides, A-League Archives sounds better than USL First Division Archives, doesn't it?

Man, this website is kinda bland, when are you gonna make it look pretty?

Simply put, I want this to be an informational website, so I'm not worried about bogging it down with alot of bells and whistles.

When are you gonna post the stats for each season?

Right now, I'm concentrating on getting the results up for each season. I have 1997-2001 left to finish.

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